Sista Speak 2015

Sista Speak has been busy this year. We have been reading stories of Uluru and Dreamtime stories, and the girls have been writing their own Dreamtime stories. Sistas developed cover letters and a resume and practised our interview techniques


We enjoyed practising our clapping stick skills and made some songs to play together. We also have been developing our Aboriginal artworks to hang in the school. Earlier in the year we designed a menu and costed it per person and then had a fun and yummy cooking day.

Thank you girls for another pleasurable year and I look forward to next year when we welcome our Year 7 and 8 Aboriginal girl students into our groups.

Dreamtime story by Emily Lloyd

Once where the earth was flat and completely covered with dirt a herd of Emus were scouring for whatever food they could; shrubs were very scarce and most of the food the Emus found was given to the younger brothers and sisters.

Jumba was so hungry and envious of his younger brothers and sisters getting to eat the yummiest leaves, leaving him and his friends the tasteless parts. One day Jumba and his friends were so hungry that they decided to leave the herd so they could get to the shrubs before the rest.

The herd leader Zunna learned of the betrayal of his cousins and was very angry and disappointed in them as now the younger Emus started to starve. Jumba and his friends were getting fat and sluggish as they would not leave any food for anyone else.

Zunna’s youngest son was very hungry and could hardly walk, and then one very hot sunny day Zunna’s son fell asleep and did not wake. Zunna was so heartbroken that he cast a spell on Jumba and his friends.

The runaway Emus had gotten so fat and large they towered over everything around them. As soon as Zunna’s spell was cast Jumba and his friends crumbled to the dirt ground and their feather backs transformed the earth, growing trees full of leaves and creating hills and mountains.


Published in 2016. Story Contributed by Sonia Sharpe from Korreil Wonnai AECG and Kurri Kurri High School.